Touch free mobile restaurant menu prototype

A friend of mine manages a restaurant in Iceland called Cafe Loki. They just like many resturants have been hit hard by the Covid-19 epidemic. To them the health and safety of their customers was paramount.

They were worried that their customers were being exposed by presenting them with a printed version of their menu and wanted to see if a touch free option was available accessible by scanning a QR code.

It was an interesting challenge as we wanted something very simple and very fast that would work great on mobile. She did not want to change her whole order process and as her restaurant serves authentic Icelandic cuisine there is often a need to explain what some dishes actually contain and what that rotten shark thing is :)

So we did not want people to be able to order and pay through the app but we did want them to be able to see the whole menu along with photos and a description.

I found a great template built in Vuejs with Nuxt called Vuemmerce built by Ivan Lori. I decided to use that as my base and extend it a little bit.

I removed the whole login and reservation option and made the add to order more mobile friendly.

I also added a filter different sections such drinks and appetizers as well as multilingual support. The images are lazy loaded as well.

I'm pretty satisifed with the speed of the app, there is always room for improvement.

The end result is a pretty fast and easy to use website. I'm hosting it on Netlify and the build process is automated.

The whole application is open source and you can download and use as you please.

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