Getlocal case study in Smashing Magazine

A few months back my friend Vitaly Friedman was in Iceland speaking at a conference. The day after his talk I invited him and his spouce on a sightseeing drive to some of the most famous sights in Iceland.

During our trip we discussed quite a few things about web design, ecommerce and web performance (between petting horses and looking at waterfalls). I told him about the work we had ben doing for Getlocal and the emphasis we had put into the mobile experience as well as page speed.

Vitaly encouraged me to write up a case study to publish on Smashing Magazine, probably the worlds best known publication on web design and development. It sounded like a great challenge so I jumped on the opportunity.

They don't do sponsored posts so I porbably went through the same process as other authors on the site and was really impressed with the professionalism. Not only does the concept have to go through a panel of experts to be validated but they also have a committee that reads through the article and approves it for publishing. If the article doesn't tick all the boxes to include proper technical quality, value for the reader and freshness in concepts it doesn't get approved.

It took me quite a few weeks working with the editorial team but we finally got it signed off and published. The article is long and detailed but shares our thinking and goals with our solution.

Hope you enjoy :)

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